vanEE ECM Series Air Exchanger


The 90H-V ECM offers the lowest operating cost for mid-size homes

  • Ideal for high performance small to mid-size homes

  • State-of-the-art ECM motors provide significant electrical consumption savings (67% average compared to standard PSC motors)

  • All aspects designed to facilitate air flow balancing and simplify installation

  • No drain required for most climate zones (ERV only)

  • Upgradable from a heat recovery to an energy recovery ventilator (HRV to ERV) with a simple swap of its core

  • Premium control options allows for custom operation for each type of home and various occupancy requirements

  • 5-year warranty on components; limited lifetime warranty on HRV core, 5 years warranty on ERV core

  • Automatic Defrosting System prevents ice build-up on recovery module without creating negative indoor air pressure.

Compatible Controls for 90H-V ECM Series

platinum deco-touch 2040
Platinum Deco-Touch 20/40/60
Push Button


Model CFM Power Ports Efficiency    
24 W at 49 CFM
32 W at 81 CFM
6" / Top 83% energystar Download Literature
26 W at 53 CFM
37 W at 84 CFM
6" / Top 73% energystar Download Literature
Fully Ducted Exhaust Ducted
Simplified Installation Closet Installation
Compact Bathroom Install  
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