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You are familiar with the many excellent furnace filters available, filters that capture large dust particles to protect furnaces. However, there are millions & millions of dust particles in the air of an average home, 98% of them too small to see and too small to be captured by a furnace filter.

vanEE filtration systems capture all types of airborne particles and more specifically the tiniest ones, which are the most damageable to your health. Not just Dust! If you suffer from animal allergies, or from Asthma a HEPA filter is doctor reccomended and solves the problems of your homes indoor air quality with no adverse effects.

The myth that a single room HEPA filter will solve your whole house
filtration needs, is just that a myth.

Millions of homeowners buy portable single room HEPA air filters to try and solve their indoor air quality issues. The problem with portable air filters is they only filter a small area of space. The vanEE HEPA Air Purifier provides HEPA filtration for your entire home, not just one small location.

Many portable HEPA filters are either poorly designed, or designed to only filter a small area around the filter. The HEPA 3.2 HEPA Air Purifier filter provides you with 320cfm of HEPA filtration in your home.

The air in today's home is filled with dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, their waste, and other things you can't see that can aggravate colds, persistent coughs and allergies. The only way to solve these problems is with a vanEE HEPA Air Purifier

People live in more than one room and need a whole house HEPA filtration system to capture dust and airborne particles. That is why many home owners are turning to the vanEE HEPA 3.2 filter. The vanEE HEPA 3.2 provides you with whole home HEPA filtration for much less then most portable units, and will provide filtration for your entire home for much less then using multiple stand alone HEPA filters.

vanEE has been the leader in home indoor air quality products and manufactures a complete line of products that are specifically developed to improve your indoor air quality.

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