How Air Exchangers Work


Medical Tax Credit

You may qualify for a credit for installing an HRV or ERV in your home to treat respiratory issues.

  • Do I qualify for a medical tax credit?
    You may if you doctor has diagnosed your symptoms as relating to asthma or other severe respiratory ailments, and has prescribed a vanEE HEPA Air Purification System.

Follow this link for a sample prescription letter for use by your specialist

  • If I qualify, how much of a medical tax credit would I receive?
    As each income tax return is assessed individually, and tax laws differ from one jurisdiction to another, the amount of the tax benefit will vary.

To gain a general understanding of medical expenses applicable to your province, click on the appropriate link below.

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Can I Get a Medical Tax Credit? You may be able to get a medical tax credit after having a vanEE Air Exchanger installed.




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