How Air Exchangers Work


Do you have moisture on your windows?

moistureCondensation or moisture on inside of windows during the heating season is caused by water vapour contained in the indoor air (measured by the air relative humidity) condensing on the cool interior glass surface of the window.  

The solution to eliminate condensation is to lower indoor relative humidity. Less indoor relative humidity means less or no window condensation.

The reason for this is that the indoor air dew point temperature (the air temperature when water vapour in the air condenses on surfaces) becomes less as the air relative humidity is lowered. To stop the condensation you just need to lower the indoor relative humidity to where the air dew point temperature is less than the inside window temperature.

An HRV or ERV is an energy efficient way of reducing the indoor relative humidity during the heating season. The principle is simple, one HRV or ERV fan exhausts humid indoor air from the house and a second HRV or ERV fan supplies drier outdoor air into the house.

It is important to remember that if relative humidity is high in your home, windows are not the only thing that might have condensation. Water on your windows may also be a sign of condensation on the wood framing inside your walls or ceilings. Over time this condensation can result in mould growth and can rot the structure of your home. The solution is to lower the indoor humidity levels with an HRV or ERV.

Watch out for windows that are covered much of the time with curtains. Closed curtains may block drier air from reaching the windows and trap more humid air behind the curtains. This humid air will still condense water on the cool windows, so open curtains for a significant part of the day.

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